There is a SILENT killer living inside you!



Stress weakens the immune function and bone density.


Stress increase blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.


Stress causes thinning and greying of hair, makes skin dry and pale, forms bags below your eyes; thus ageing your body faster.


Stress disturbs the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut causing digestive issue and rash on your skin.


Stressful mind is known for making wrong decisions and works as magnet for problematic situations.


Stress takes a mental toll through anxiety, depression, food addiction leading to Obesity.

Stress increases ageing and the risk of early death
But, There IS a solution and it’s permanent…
In reality, STRESS leaves much subtle hints than the picture above !!
Have you ever felt ?

Overwhelmed and sometimes inadequate?


A difficulty in relaxing and quieting your mind?


Anxious and angry, wanting to TAKE CONTROL?


Gravitated towards quick fix feel good options such as coffee or sugary foods, smoking or alcohol?


Lack of energy during OR at the end of the day?


Do find sometimes find it hard to go to sleep?

If you answer YES to any of these? You are stressed and at RISK
Ok, I understand I am stressed, what are my options ?
Option- 1
Doing nothing.
Pretend nothing is wrong and let the stress takeover your life eventually.
(This is what the majority of people do unfortunately…)
Option- 2
Trying something that’s temporary.
Looking for some quick fix pills and potions and just seeking a temporary relief like unplugging yourself into a spa, massage or holiday trip. Temporarily unplugging the stress does not eliminate it from its roots !
Option- 3
Permanent transformation
Take your health, energy and happiness to a whole new level… and LOVE the process at the same time!!
We help you with Option-3, the PERMANENT option.
We choose Mother Nature over man made band-aids.
Our goal is to jump start your wellness journey by offering you a personalised wellness plan with a personalised natural detox plan. Then provide you all the tools, strategies, routines to make wellness a permanent part of your life.

In addition to the instant relaxation and rejuvenation, we also help you re-discover and unleash the natural healing and immunity powers within YOU ! That give you long lasting results.

Remember, It is SIMPLER than you think to
Discover the healthier and
happier YOU !!
Apply for a no-obligation and no-cost Ayurvedic Health Assessment
What is an Ayurvedic Health Assessment ?
Ayurvedic Health Assessment is part of an important preliminary step that provides vital information about your current state of health and wellness which takes about 30 minutes.

Health Assessment helps you to discover:
1. Where you currently are on the wellness spectrum.
2. Your unique body type.
3. Your wellness challenges and priorities that need to met to achieve your health and mindset objectives
4. Any natural therapies that you may need to get yourself to meet your health objectives consistently.

Thus, the health assessment helps to plan and map out your wellness journey.

The Root of “Ayurvedic Health Assessment” process:
Health Assessment has it roots in Ayureveda which is called as “Pakruti nidaan” in Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is a medical science that has been around for more than 5,000 years, originated in India. Ayurveda has also originated the widely accepted lifestyle paradigms such as Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (breath control). Ayurveda puts emphasis on the proactive prevention of diseases rather that reactive and temporary cure.

In order to maintain and boost your body’s natural immunity powers and wellness tendencies, Ayurveda specifies a compressive, personalised Natural Detox Program called “Pancha-karma” (Five Therapies).

The Pulse Assessment is the most important aspect of the Pacha-karma because it helps the Ayurevedic practitioner to know your body / mind and understand which of FIVE therapies are necessary for your specific case. It also helps determining the order and the extent of those therapies. Thus, the pulse assessment helps to plan and map out your wellness journey.
Remember, over time, this very journey is capable of transforming your life totally, both from the physical and mental standpoint.

At Ayurvedian Healthcare Centre, the Health assessment is done in conjugation with a detailed “Health and Wellness questionnaire”. The findings of the health assessment along with readings from the wellness questionnaire form a strong basis to help our qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners to create your personalised detox program designed to transform your health and wellness.

“I had severe skin problems (itchy dry skin), digestion disorders, and arthritis in my knees.The treatments have been comfortably spread over 9 weeks and I’m very satisfied with the results. My skin rashes have reduced by 90%, my appetite and digestion are much stronger, and my knees are more flexible. I expect ongoing improvements as I continue to take herbal medicines at home. Both Dr Vanita and her colleague Dr Rani are wonderfully wise exponents of Ayurvedic knowledge. It’s fantastic to have this clinic in Melbourne. I don’t need to travel again to India for panchakarma treatments.” – Joan Dickins
What to expect in your Pulse Assessment appointment
Qualified Ayurevedic Practitioners
Our qualified Ayurevedic practitioners read your pulse and ask you fill a health & wellness questionnaire. Based on that we detect your specific body type and identify any imbalances that need immediate attention.
Personalised Wellness Program
Based upon your unique body constitution, current state of the health we devise wellness and detox program tailored for your specific needs.
You have the potential to permanently shift your life to wellness. Both physically and mentally.
Is there anything more important than your health?

Benefits of The

We help you to unleash the natural wellness powers and abilities of your body that are most likely to be numbed by stress, hectic lifestyle, unhealthy diet, lack of any empowering routines and a noisy mind.
We help bring back that wonderful feeling of complete bliss that we used to experience as a child.
Some of these benefits are felt instantly where some benefits are felt after following the diet and lifestyle advise over time. Since nature is extremely honest and consistent, its rewards can be well assured.

Instant Relaxation, Rejuvenation

The personalised therapies will make you FEEL relaxed instantly and remind you how it really feels like to be stress free.

Higher and Long Lasting Energy Levels

Higher levels of energy means getting more done in a day and having more smiles per day in doing so.

Reach and maintain your Ideal Weight

Don’t just loose weight but reach and maintain your IDEAL weight. Know the simple tools and strategies to keep your weight healthy without spending hours in gym.

Personalised Diet With Intelligently Chosen Foods

Know what food goes with your specific body type. Learn the art of choosing your food intelligently.

Improved Emotional Health

One long term benefit of this program is better emotional health. Replace any negative or disempowering emotions with positive and empowering ones.

Increased Immunity

After consistently adopting to the guidelines of the program, you will find your immunity has increased with much lesser (if at all) time spent in staying sick .

Personalised Lifestyle Design

Know how to fit your ideal routine in your current busy schedule. Know the simple routines that are capable of transforming your day’s (and eventually life’s) outcome for the better.

On Going Support and Motivation

Stay in touch and stay motivated. You will have our support in this journey of stress reversal and endless bliss and contentment.

All those benefits of being the BEST of you

Last but not the list, there is no greater feeling that knowing that your are performing at your best, both physically and mentally.
“What really attracted me to do the panachkarma treatment is that you wanted to focus on the root cause which was my gut issue rather than provide another easy-to-go shortcut remedy. Also the fact that all the treatment is natural with natural herbs oils and remedies (no chemicals) is a huge plus.
But apart from the treatment I will cherish the knowledge I have gained during the past month and will continue to focus on applying it in my everyday routine. I would have never thought that during my travels I would have the opportunity to do such a treatment and gain so much beneficial knowledge. Simply AMAZING.”Saviour Bonnici
REMEMBER: The best friend of STRESS is STRESS itself.
Unmanaged stress that finds its place into the body, mind and lifestyle will simply attract more stress. This goes into a vicious downward cycle which affects not only you but also the ones that you care about the most. It’s essential to act on the stress before paying a very high price…
My personal story
I lost my father due to Cardiac arrest when he was just 55 years of age. I was just 18 years old at the time. The heart disease was caused by a long enduring undetected stress that was going on for a few years leading to his heart attack. While we used to get a few hints that he has changed and reacting differently out of stress, but like many others, we wrongly assumed that stress is just part of life and the profession that he was part of.

My father may have lived many happy years thereafter if any member of our family, friends or even himself had the clarity and knowledge to intervene his stress pattern. I am above 40 now and I still feel sad when I think about it.

On a brighter side, I now know, within my bones, that being stressed is not okay, not for a year, not for a month and not even a day. I have determined to stay fit and fine for my 4 year old son, who deserves his father to be with him even when he turns in his twenties and thirties.

So please, If you or someone around you is stressed or acting differently than they used to; then you MUST take charge to deal with it. And as soon as you possibly can.

You may not feel you are stressed… but others do !
Most people don’t even realise that they were stressed until the stress causes irreversible damage to their body, mind and relationships.

In particular, Stress that gradually builds up over time is the most deadly, eventually transforming you into a totally different person.

While our mind tricks itself to believe that it’s all okay; your body is the one that suffers in silence, eventually reaching a point of rebellion – when painful ailments, or serious collapse occurs, such as strokes.

In most cases, this can have an irreversible toll by leading you towards high blood pressure, heart disease, over eating, addictions, depression and the list goes on…

Not to mention the emotional toll stress will take; causing steadily deteriorating relationships with family, kids and spouse which will serve as further fuel for the pre-existing stress.

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this is what our happy patients have to say..
we not only take pride in our work, we also take purpose !! We are grateful to contribute to wellness of our clients and setting them back to the path of natural wellness.
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