IVF Support

Our Ayurvedian Conception Program can be extended or modified to support couples with a wide variety of reproductive issues. 

According to Charaka, all diseases occur due to imbalance in Agni (The power of digestion) & results in buildup of Ama (toxins). Yoga reduces the stress & balances the hormones of the body as well as the mental health thereby reducing Ama and stoking Agni.

Ayurvedian conception program  emphasizes on specific dietary management, lifestyle changes ,herbal supplements, detox and specific yogic postures that create a body mind connection that is favourable for conception and a successful healthy pregnancy in all couples regardless of their age and medical history.

A common situation is unexplained infertility i.e. where there is no diagnosed medical health issue. Often this is caused by a combination of various nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposures, lifestyle and sub clinical health issues in both partners. We also see many patients with diagnosed reproductive health issues (such as hormonal imbalance, irregular cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, recurrent miscarriage, thyroid or immune system problems and problems with sperm count, motility, morphology or DNA integrity). These cases are often resolved in a straightforward manner through Ayurvedian Conception Program.  Some patients, however, will experience fertility problems that are not amenable by natural therapies (such as severely blocked tubes). In this case, your Ayurvedic practitioner  can support you prior to and during IVF or any other assisted reproductive procedures with a focused and comprehensive care program. Ayurvedian  IVF Support program is undertaken with a view to improving your overall health, increasing the possibility of success and decreasing the health risks involved.

It is extremely important and beneficial for couples to prepare their body if IVF treatment is the only solution for conception (for example both tubes are removed or completely blocked, very low sperm count). Ayurveda can be a remarkable help for reducing miscarriage rates and promoting a successful & healthy IVF/ IUI pregnancy. We offer support through natural solutions. The duration of treatment varies from person to person tailored to their specific needs.

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