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Facts, Fees & Procedures


There are many causes of infertility such as obesity, improper diet, smoking, alcohol, infections, environmental pollutants, various medications, lifestyle disorders, stress, family history, endocrinal problems etc.

IVF Support

Our Ayurvedian Conception Program can be extended or modified to support couples with a wide variety of reproductive issues. According to Charaka, all diseases occur due to imbalance in Agni (The power of digestion) & results in buildup of Ama (toxins). Yoga reduces the stress & balances the hormones of the body as well as the mental health thereby reducing Ama and stoking Agni.

Ayurvedian conception care program

Ayurvedian conception care program helps in the IVF/IUI Treatment for following conditions


PCOD/PCOS, Fibroid, Anovulation, Recurrent Miscarriage, Endometriosis, secondary infertility, premenstrual syndrome, early menopause.


Low sperm count, Zero count, low motility, varicocele, erectile problems, low physical energy & stamina, infections.

Ayurvedian conception program

A Fertility Cleanse and hormonal support through herbs for the endocrine system.
Ayurvedian’s three step approach involves:

Herbal remedies

Cleansing and detoxification

Rejuvenation, renewal and strengthening of the reproductive system

Benefits of Ayurvedian conception care program

  • Improved egg and sperm quality
  • Improved blood supply to the womb
  • Improved quality of endometrium and successful implantation
  • Reduced autoimmune reactivity to reduce risk of miscarriage
  • Favourable hormonal milieu creation for optimal placental health and foetal growth
  • Reduced pelvic fluid retention and swelling and optimising maternal pelvic mechanics for easier labour
  • Quicker physiological recovery from birth and restoration of vitality for breastfeeding
  • Herbal medication support for breast milk supply
  • A healthy happy baby and a healthy egg and sperm population in the baby for future generations.

IVF Support Initial Consultation

2 hours
$300.00 prepaid

Notice for 100% Cancellation

2 hours
$300.00 prepaid

Subsequent Consultations

1 hour
$150.00 prepaid

Notice of cancellation for 100% refund

minimum 2 working days otherwise $99 cancellation fee would be charged to your account.

What to bring to your initial consultation?

  1. Your completed questionnaire. Please also email one copy of this questionnaire to [email protected]
  2. Any relevant & recent medical records (include results sheets with exact figures, wherever possible).
  3. The actual containers of any medications and/or natural medicines/supplements that you have whether currently being taken or not. This enables your practitioner to assess your condition thoroughly.For your convenience, our Practitioners are available 5 days a week, including weekends, with after-hours consultations on most days.

Distance Consultations

we offer treatments via phone to patients unable to attend in person, after at least one face-to-face consultation which is an industry requirement.

If treatment continues for more than 6 months, a further face-to-face consultation may be required. Natural remedies can be posted nationally and internationally via secure delivery methods. Methods of Payment: Consultation fees are GST exempt and can be paid by EFTPOS, cash, or credit card.


Missed consultations without adequate notice incur a cancellation fee of 35% of the consultation fee + GST.

Cancellations must be with adequate notice (see timing requirements on previous page). Consultations are GST exempt but cancellation fees attract GST. Credit card details are taken for your initial appointment, however they will only be used if adequate cancellation notice is not given and are deleted after your first consultation.

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