What is Panchakarma ?

PANCHAKARMA is a planned, personalised and natural re-alignment of body, mind and lifestyle to attain and maintain a long lasting health and wellbeing.

Panchakarma, a Sanskrit word that means “five actions” or “five therapies” is an effective five-step natural detoxification process.

Panchakarma, thus, consists of a series of well planned and personalised cleansing therapies that are used to relieve the human body of the physical and emotional toxins, and set it on it’s path of optimal wellness and health aquired naturally.

Panchakarma, when done the right way, especially during the seasonal transition, immensely helps to cleanse the body, improve digestion which in turn improves the metabolic processes.

The Panchakarma program refers to a regimen of dietary, herbal and other therapeutic methods of removing environmental and other toxins from our body that are accumulated over time.

The Panchakarma program does not only help in alleviating disease, but also boosts overall immunity of the patient.

4 Pillars of Panchakarma

Diet (Ahaar)

Do you eat optimal and according to your unique body type?

Lifestyle (Vihaar)

Do you live optimal and according to your unique body type?

Detoxification (Panchakarma)

Are you free of toxins to be on the path of long lasting health and wellbeing?

Supplementary Medicines (Aushadh)

Are you supported by nature on your unique path of health and wellbeing?

Why do I need a Panchakarma Program ?

Regular Detoxification has become a modern-day necessity.

In today’s world we are exposed to pollution, stressful lifestyle, bad food habits and processed food, environmental toxins or manmade chemical toxicants which are responsible for accumulation of toxic waste products in the body.

Additionally; stress leads to overproduction of cortisol in our bloodstream, which in turn has negative impacts on the immune and nervous systems. The result is a lethargic body, sluggish digestive fire which struggles to absorb vitamins and minerals, strained vital organs and a constantly ‘switched-on’ mind.

At the Ayurvedian Clinic, detox programs are directed at simplifying the diet and adding supportive lifestyle practices.

The goal is to restore balance  and eliminate toxins and strengthen Agni (the digestive fire) and  to restore your body’s own natural intelligence and healing potential (the immune system).

These  powerful outcomes help reset our baseline health at the cellular level. The Ayurvedic detox is well known for its efficacy and remarkably the end result can be both curative and preventative.

Ayurvedic detox program or cleansing helps to reinvigorate the body’s best internal defence mechanisms, as well as its capacity for repair and renewal. As a result, you would discover a healthier and an invigorated version of yourself.


Benefits of Panchakarma

Reduces stress and anxiety

Panchakarma restores the sense of clam to mind and the nervous system, improves relaxation and tolerance. Reduces stress and anxiety.

Helps to manage weight

Panchakarma helps to attain and maintain a healthy body weight.

Helps to reduce dependence

Panchakarma helps to reduce dependence on tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Improves energy levels

Panchakarma improves strength, endurance, energy and vitality.

Improves sleep quality

Panchakarma restores and maintains a balanced sleep cycle.

Boosts the metabolism

Panchakarma helps to restore metabolic fire resulting in a metabolic boost that helps weight management / loss.

Improves mental clarity

Panchakarma improved mental awareness, clarity and helps to atteain and retain mindfulness.

Slows ageing process

Panchakarma prepares body tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.

Promotes regular elimination

Panchakarma promotes regular and balanced elimination.

How does it work ?

Our Panchakarma program has following 4 stages

Assessment Stage

 We determine your unique body type and your position on the wellness spectrum.

Planning Stage

 We create a personalised Diet Plan, Life style Plan and Therapy plan.

Therapy Stage

We carry out the therapies as per the plan, also educate you to apply your diet and lifestyle plan.

Maintenance Stage

We help you maintain your new routines and optimal health. 

How do we do it differently ?

Comprehensive Assessment: Our Panchakarma Assessment stage includes a detailed, one on one health evaluation designed to determine the present health condition, individual constitution, energy levels and general health of your unique body-type.

Comprehensive Program: We offer a comprehensive Panchakarma program not only including therapies but also including dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal supplements for colon cleansing and rejuvenation, exercise, yoga therapy, breathing exercise, meditation.

Extensive Experience: We have over 20 years of experience in the field of Panchakarma and we have tharapist who also have several years of experience in therapeutic body treatments such as Ayurvedic massage and Shirodhara.

Training and Ongoing Support: Program also includes a practical training in yoga, meditation and pranayama for you to be able to follow the lifestyle plans. Furthermore, you will be supported with ongoing guidance using our email support.


Book Panchakarma Assessment Consult

The cost of Panchakarma assessment consultation is $150, which is fully waived when you proceed with the recommended Panchakarma Therapy Plan.

What do you get out of your Initial Panchakarma Assessment consultation?

  1. Know your unique body type 
  2. Diet Plan according to your unique body type
  3. Lifestyle Plan according to your unique body type
  4. Panchakarma Therapy Plan based on your health concerns and goals
  5. Clarity on your current state of wellness
  6. Clarity on where you want to be in terms of health and wellness
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