Health & Wellness Gift Card




The Personalised Gift Card of Good Health a PERFECT gift!
In a rush? Not too sure what to buy your family & friends?
But you care for them enough that you can’t just give then anything out of haste ?
Take the guesswork out of gift giving with a personalised Health and Wellness eGift Card!

Give a gift which is about instilling good health, wellbeing and happiness.
People cherish pleasant experiences a lot longer.
Therefore any gift that rejuvenates health and allows to take a step towards the ultimate personal wellness and happiness is something that they will thank you for.
So be ready to receive a note of a heartfelt “thank-you” from them.
Let them pick and choose what they really want form a large variety of personal health and wellbeing transformation services at their fingertips.
Some of them include Stress releasing Royal Drop Therapies, Natural Weight Loss / Weight Management Consultations, Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage, Natural Diet and Life Style advise and many more wrapped up in one ultimate Health & Wellness eGift Card!
How it works?
Select the gift card amount (anything from $30 to $2,000)
Add a personalised message
Tell us the their Email Address
Select the nicely formatted email template and gift card PDF that is suitable to the occasion and checkout.
And that’s it: we will send them your personalised email along with the gift voucher as PDF attachment immediately (or at the time that you have scheduled).

They can use the voucher online or by visiting the clinic anytime within next 12 months.

It’s that simple.


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