Sharyn Atkinson

Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Sharyn is a registered Energy Practitioner with the Energy Therapies Association (ETA) and follows a code of conduct in her work with clients. As an intuitive energy healer, Sharyn is passionate about assisting you create positive changes across your mind, body and spirit. By freeing up old energies and creating space within your energy body, a feeling of lightness moves in and that is the when new energies begin to take shape, to help you create change and live an extraordinary life.

After experiencing a traumatic event in 2018, Sharyn battled a range of negative feelings each day. As distressed as she was, she determined not to store those emotions in her system. Sharyn learned about inner dialogue, beliefs, patterns, filters, stagnant energy, chakras, the aura, foreign energies and energetic cords and how they all work together to shape our world and what we experience each day.

Once she discovered what the core beliefs relating to that distressing situation were and cleared them, she found that her circumstances started to change quite quickly. Within twelve months she had paid off her mortgage, started an investment portfolio, got married, had significant cash reserves in the bank, and for the first time she was genuinely happy all day, every day.

Sharyn is so passionate about the magnitude of change in her life that she moved away from her banking and finance career to master six different energy healing modalities to help other people clear out energetic gunk wreaking havoc, keeping them stuck and experiencing a mediocre life.

If you find yourself wondering why something always happens to you, why you take two steps forward and one step backwards, feel stuck in your current life, why achieving what you want is always difficult; then you most definitely have some core beliefs, filters, patterns and energies that are blocking you; just like I did.” – Sharyn Atkinson

What happens during an energy healing session?

An energy healing session is a unique experience for everyone. Beginning with aconsultation, your energy healing session may consist of a combination of intuitive reading, coaching, visualisations, crystals, aroma therapy used in conjunction with the type energy healing modality selected. Sharyn is intuitively guided as to which combination is best suited to you, on the day.

Which energy healing modalities do you utilise?

A combination of Ashati, Alsemia, Reiki, Seichem, Healing Order of the Golden Dragon and Kundalini Reiki energies are is utilised to assist clients and isdependent on their individual circumstances.

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Following services are provided.  


Brief Clearing        90mins    $200                  

(Ashati and Alsemia energy systems)

This is a deeply relaxing, intense and liberating healing journey is designed to free you from limiting and out-dated beliefs to enable you to create your life, your way with joy in your heart  Many people want to lead a life that is uncompromised to experience abundant health, wealth success, loving relationships and feel love within themselves and the life they lead.. 

Some of the most common blocks we can help clear are:


Fear of change, growth, success, rejection, responsibility

Lack of self-worth & deservedness 

Money, abundance and financial illusion

Procrastination & feeling stuck


Guilt Self-Sabotage

Apathy Scarcity

Distractions Financial Mess


Reiki Healing        60mins    $120             

(Reiki, Seichem and Healing Order of the Golden Dragon energy systems)

A very relaxing and meditative experience. By combining Reiki energy with Seichem and the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon, the Reiki energies are amplified to help rebalance and heal the mind, emotions and physical body as stagnant and foreign energies are cleared.


Kundalini Reiki Healing  60mins $120 

(Reiki and Kundalini Reiki energy systems)

Rich in sensations and visualisations, Kundalini Reiki energetically prepares the body for full a Kundalini Awakening which will occur over time, when the recipient is ready. Once awakened, the divine Shakti energy creates a vertical connection between the chakras by opening the main energy channels along the spine. The energy channels of the body are strengthened and opened as blockages are removed.


Combined Intuitive Energy Healing  60mins $150 

(Ashati, Alsemia, Reiki, Seichem, Healing Order of the Golden Dragon and Kundalini Reiki)

A deeply relaxing experience that incorporates all energies Sharyn has access to for your highest good, you may find yourself falling asleep at various intervals throughout the healing as your body and energy body clear energies on various levels of your being. .

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