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I am writing this review as both a work colleague and patient of Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr Rani Samant. Dr Rani is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her passion for Ayurvedic medicine and the Ayurvedic lifestyle is evident and inspires confidence in her patients. She has infinite compassion and integrity. Dr Rani has given me simple and effective strategies for maintaining my health and easing my stress. I would highly recommend Dr Rani and her clinic. Five stars all the way!!!

Anamaya Health

I am 74 y.o. and began a course of panchakarma treatments (rejuvenation and cleansing therapies) at Dr Rani Samant’s clinic in April under the experienced supervision and care of Dr Vanita Sharma.
I had severe skin problems (itchy red patches and dry flaky skin), digestion disorders, and arthritis in my knees.
The treatments have been comfortably spread over 9 weeks and I’m very satisfied with the results. My skin rashes have reduced by 90%, my appetite and digestion are much stronger, and my knees are more flexible.
Unexpectedly I also have more clarity with decision making and light- hearted cheerfulness!
The clinic has a soft sweet atmosphere and I was well looked after by the skilled therapists. Thank you Shipra and Sarvi …
I would recommend a consultation with Dr Vanita to anyone who is disappointed with lack of progress using western diagnosis and medicines. Dr. Vanita is fantastic with pulse diagnosis. She can tell you what your problems are and design a treatment program.

Dickins Joan

Dr Rani Dr Vanita and the whole team, thank you for your kindness and sincere help during this 1 month of treatment. I feel blessed to have met you all. After years of trying different solutions to my bad breath, candida and skin problems I am very much relieved and full of hope that they will continue to subside. What really attracted me to do the panachkarma treatment is that you wanted to focus on the root cause which was my gut issue rather than provide another easy-to-go shortcut remedy. Also the fact that all the treatment is natural with natural herbs oils and remedies (no chemicals) is a huge plus.

But apart from the treatment I will cherish the knowledge I have gained during the past month and will continue to focus on applying it in my everyday routine. I would have never thought that during my travels I would have the opporunity to do such a treatment and gain so much beneficial knowledge. Simply AMAZING.

Saviour Bonnici

I live in Doreen (North of Melbourne) and I use to visit an ayurvedic clinic in the south-east. I was keen to find a quality place in the northern suburbs. My sister Googled and found Ayurvedian and suggested me to visit this place.

Initially I was very reluctant and skeptical but finally made up my mind to visit this place. On arrival, we felt the positive vibe of the place. Dr Rani received us, and spent a very long time talking to us, Dr Vanitha also joined us during the conversation. From just one visit to this place, I can conclude that they are a bunch of highly knowledgeable practitioners and Dr Rani is very kind and empathetic to the patients and she is very patient-centric.

Though I went for abhyanga oil treatment, Dr Rani advised me to have a remedial massage therapy, which I did and I realised that it helped me to identify stiff muscles in my body and relax it. Nasr who did the remedial massage therapy did a very good job. Well done Nasr.

When I left, I told Dr Rani that I am her patient and will visit her practice regularly.

In my perspective, this is the best ayurvedic practice and I would highly recommend anyone with chronic health problems to visit this place.


After experiencing two miscarriages my GP Dr Mansi Deshpande refer me to seek advice from Dr Rani Samant for conceiving healthy pregnancy.Me and my Husband were extremely impressed with the empathy shown and the depth of investigation into our medical history.We were impatient to try and conceive again but agreed to be patient to gain some understanding of the cause of the miscarriage and to reach our optimum health beforehand

After taking the recommended supplements and altering our eating and lifestyle we are feeling better than ever.we conceived after the first month of trying and now we are happily pregnant and getting lots of support from Ayurvedian Natural Fertility Clinic

I highly recommend Dr rani samant as she is such a wonderful and caring person.she help me lot with my pregnancy.


Rani is amazing!
I first went to see Rani about severe anxiety and gut issues.She put me on a new lifestyle plan which included following an Ayurvedic diet and certain exercises as well as prescribing Ayurvedic herbs.

Since following her plan, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health. The anxiety is much more managable and my gut is more balanced, highly recommended!
Thanks Rani! 😃


I’m a GP practising evidence based modern medicine in Mernda Doreen and I have a strong connection to the centuries old tradition of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic approach of finding and addressing the root cause of symptoms or any illness.
My oldest daughter was troubled by dermatitis and we were struggling to achieve a cure through standard moisturisers and steroid creams.
Dr Rani Samant conducted a thorough Ayurvedic assessment and recommended some dietary changes which rapidly helped clear the dermatitis. My daughter immediately responded to her friendly approach and actually made those dietary changes readily!
I have since recommended Dr. Rani Samant to several of my patients to improve their health and well being using an integrative approach and would highly recommend her niche expertise in fertility

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Tiredness, fatigue, irritability, excess weight and overall depression: These were the highlights of my life before someone finally recommended Ayurvedian to me.

Dr. Rani Samant addressed all my issues patiently and professionally and suggested dietary and lifestyle changes.

Within a few weeks my body responded favourably to the lifestyle changes: some minor, some major.

I did not feel the need to have afternoon nap, my overall mood became positive, blood sugar levels became normal and my family life improved.

I would highly recommend Ayurvedian to any one who feels the need to fill their mind and body with positive natural energy.

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