More Than a Temporary Haven. A Catalyst For Enduring Change

 THU 11th JULY 2024 - SUN 14th JULY 2024
(4 Days & 3 Nights) 

discover our difference 


Guidance by Ayurvedic Doctors

This retreat is designed and run by expert ayurvedic doctors and offers their direct involvement and guidance for your benefit.


3-month supply of Wellness Products

The retreat includes 3 month supply of ayurvdic wellness products, including ayurvedic nutrition diet, massage oils, skincare  and oral care products.  


Personalised  Therapies

Series of personalized Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Detox) therapies aimed at wellness reset and alignment with your unique path to optimal personal wellness.


Personalised Ayurvedic Consultations

Multiple on-site consultations with Ayurvedic doctors to determine your unique path to wellness.


Extended 6-Month Online Support

Ongoing support post-retreat to ensure habits become a permanent part of your lifestyle. Access to weekly support meetings to make your new wellness habits last.

more than a getaway...
it's a journey to lasting wellness

The Authentic Ayurveda Wellness Retreat is more than a getaway; it's a journey to lasting wellness, crafted by expert Ayurvedic doctors.

You're not just attending a retreat; you're being guided step-by-step by doctors dedicated to your personal care. Our retreat is designed not just for temporary relaxation but to instill habits that bring lasting health, joy, and fulfillment.

What sets us apart is our extended care: we stay connected with you for up to 6 months after the retreat, offering online support and a range of wellness products completely free for 6 months in order to make these healthy habits stick.

Through detailed consultations, our doctors understand your unique body type and craft a wellness path just for you. And with our aurvedic therapies, you get a reset that's specifically aligned with your path to optimal health.

This is not just a retreat; it's a transformational experience that sets you on a path to a healthier, happier you.

THE key benefits 

Detoxification & REJUVENATION

Undergo a physical and emotional cleanse for rejuvenation based on your specific body type.

greater fulfilment & resilience

Develop routines that align with your natural rhythms designed for success, resilience and fulfilment..


Optimized Digestion & VITALITY

Learn Ayurvedic nutrition and day-to-day recipes for lasting health, vitality and optimised gut health.

Enhanced Relaxation & Reduced Stress

Learn sustainable practices to reduce and mitigate stress, enhancing relaxation and sleep quality.

lasting positive changes

Regular expert check-ins for 6 months after retreat helping to fine-tune your new wellness habits to make them last.

THE inclusions

for A lasting change


#1 Complete Ayurvedic Detoxification

Embark on a rejuvenating journey at our Wellness Retreat, tailored to your unique body type. Experience a holistic cleanse that revitalizes both physically and emotionally. Through personalized treatments and therapies, you'll undergo a transformative process, shedding toxins and stress. Our expert team ensures your path to rejuvenation aligns with your individual needs, paving the way for lasting wellness and vitality. Discover the essence of wellbeing in a serene, nurturing environment..

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#2 Yoga Harmony: Beyond the Mat 

Our sessions, focused on your specific dosha (body type), offer more than flexibility and strength. They lead to self-awareness and physiological harmony.

These practices gradually improve your nervous system, breathing, and mental resilience. Regular practice transforms your stress response, boosts energy, and fosters deep calm in all life aspects.

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#3 Nutrition for Life

The wellness retreat's Ayurvedic nutrition coaching reveal the art of consuming life-sustaining foods.
Learn to appreciate meals that delight the palate and nourish your unique body type. Embrace the concept of food as medicine, where every bite contributes to balance and rejuvenation. These interactive experiences empower you to embark on a path of lifelong nourishment and conscious eating..

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#4 Personalized daily Routines

The personlised daily routines are tailored to cultivate daily habits for optimal health and clarity. Embrace practices that lead to success and deep fulfillment. Perfect for those seeking to alleviate stress and enhance well-being Leave feeling rejuvenated and equipped with sustainable routines for a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Bonus: Six-Month Mentorship 

At our wellness retreat's end, you'll begin a new chapter with our six-month mentorship program. This includes weekly group meetings to refine your wellness plan and celebrate progress. Gain exclusive access to our Vedic Habit Implementation group, a community for mutual support and connection to Ayurvedic wisdom. This comprehensive support ensures your journey towards balance and fulfillment becomes a lasting reality.

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bonus: THREE-month supply of products 

Experience a truly unique and valuable inclusion with our retreat: a three-month supply of carefully handpicked Ayurvedic wellness products. This exclusive offer encompasses a holistic range of items, including body care, oral care, skincare, and nutritionally rich food products. Each product is selected to contribute to your ongoing journey of wellness and self-care. This rare inclusion is not just a perk; it's a commitment to your sustained health and wellbeing, long after your return home.

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4 days of Serenity

follwed by 6 months of care & mentorship
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A Picturesque Escape in Lower Plenty

Nestled in the peaceful outskirts of Melbourne, our retreat venue is a sanctuary for self-discovery. Surrounded by the gentle whispers of nature, the location offers an idyllic setting that invites introspection and growth. Here, in the tranquility of this secluded haven, you can disconnect from the noise of everyday life and reconnect with your inner self.

Just a 32km from Melbourne international airport and 23km from the Melbourne CBD lies Lower Plenty, a picturesque suburb where tranquility reigns supreme.

Our retreat is cradled in this serene enclave, offering you a countryside escape without the hours of travel. In Lower Plenty, time slows down, allowing you to savor the quietude and natural splendor that feels worlds away from the city's clamor. Despite its proximity to urban convenience, it retains a pastoral charm that's perfect for deep reflection and holistic rejuvenation. It's here, amid the whispering eucalyptus and the soft flow of the Plenty River, that your journey towards self-discovery and lasting wellbeing will unfold.

The lush landscapes and serene environment provide the perfect backdrop for your transformative journey, supporting you as you delve into the ancient practices of Ayurveda and meditation. It's more than a retreat; it's a return to your essence, facilitated by the embracing arms of Melbourne's natural beauty.

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THU 11 JULY 2024 to SUN 14 JULY 2024 (both inclusive)

4 days of bliss followed by 6 months of care and support

Retreat starts at 2:00PM THU 11 JULY

Retreat ENDs at 02:00pM SUN 14 JULY


Rocklyn Ashram in Daylesford, victoria

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Rocklyn Ashram in Daylesford, Victoria, our retreat offers a sanctuary where tranquility meets transformation. Picture yourself unwinding in this haven of peace, enveloped by lush greenery and the gentle whispers of nature. Here, in this sacred space, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the wisdom of ancient practices and the nurturing support of our dedicated team.

Whether you're seeking to reconnect with your inner self or renew your spirit Rocklyn Ashram is the perfect backdrop for a transformative experience that promises not just rest, but a reawakening of your true essence.

Join us, and allow the serene surroundings of Daylesford to be the canvas on which you paint your new beginnings.throughout the retreat and beyond.

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is this retreat right for you?

This Retreat is for You if

You're Seeking a Deep and Transformative Wellness Journey: You're looking for more than just relaxation—though there will be plenty of it. You desire a deep, holistic approach to health and happiness, guided by Ayurvedic experts.

You Value Personalised Expert Guidance: The idea of having Ayurvedic doctors design and guide your wellness path appeals to you.

You're Ready to Embrace Long-Term Health Habits: You understand the importance of sustainable health habits and are eager to integrate them into your life.

You Appreciate Extended Support & Care: You see the value in having a 6-month follow-up with online support and supply of wellness products to ensure lasting change.

Mental Wellness is also a Priority for You: You're interested in learning and practicing Transcendental Meditation ® for mental clarity and emotional balance.

You Seek a Personalized Wellness Experience: You are looking for a retreat that offers in-depth consultations and a wellness journey tailored to your unique needs.

You Desire Comprehensive Wellness Therapies: You're interested in experiencing custom Panchakarma (natural detox) therapies for a complete wellness reset.

This Retreat is NOT for You if

You're Looking for a Quick Fix: If you're seeking instant, surface-level solutions to health and wellness, this retreat might not meet your expectations.

You Want Just a Vacation: If you're primarily looking for typical holiday relaxation or sightseeing, this retreat, with its focus on deeper, meaningful personal growth and wellness, might not align with your expectations..

You're Only Focused on Physical Health: If you're not open to exploring mental, emotional, and lifestyle aspects of wellness, this retreat might not fulfill your needs.

your doctor at the retreat


Dr Rani samant 

Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine

Join us for a life-transforming experience with Dr. Rani Samant at our Ayurvedic retreat.
With a legacy of providing transformative wellness therapies, as evidenced by glowing testimonials, Dr. Rani is elevating her service to a new pinnacle of effectiveness.

This retreat, meticulously designed by Dr. Rani and her multi-faceted team, promises a deeply personalized wellness journey. Her holistic approach integrates years of knowledge and expertise, ensuring each attendee receives tailored care.

The retreat features numerous value-adding inclusions, crafted to enhance your wellness experience profoundly. With Dr. Rani's guidance, embark on a journey that doesn't just rejuvenate you for a week but instills lasting wellness, making the benefits of this retreat a permanent part of your life.

What sets this retreat apart is the commitment to ongoing transformation. Beyond the immersive week, Dr. Rani provides tools and strategies to integrate wellness into your everyday life. This includes post-retreat support, ensuring the journey towards well-being continues long after the retreat concludes.Furthermore, the retreat encompasses an array of value-adding inclusions.

From unique dietary plans and detox treatments to Transcendental Meditation® and yoga sessions, every aspect is designed to elevate your wellness journey. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from seasoned practitioners, and rediscover your best self.

This retreat is more than a temporary haven; it's a catalyst for enduring change, guided by Dr. Rani’s passion and expertise. Embrace this chance to transform your health and happiness under the guidance of one of the most esteemed Ayurvedic practitioners of Australia.



"Will come back again and again."

Dr. Rani is one of the greatest Ayurvedic consultants I've ever been a client for. Her recommendations have well and truly helped me with issues regarding my digestion, which was also having an effect on other areas in my life without me even realising. Plus, her very skilled team of therapists (I've had sessions with the lovely Shinto and Sarvi) helped create a very soothing and, overall, pleasant experience every time I go. I'm looking forward to coming back here again and again and again and again and again.

Max Gettler


"Infinite Compassion & Integrity"

I am writing this review as both a work colleague and patient of Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr Rani Samant. Dr Rani is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her passion for Ayurvedic medicine and the Ayurvedic lifestyle is evident and inspires confidence in her patients. She has infinite compassion and integrity. Dr Rani has given me simple and effective strategies for maintaining my health and easing my stress. I would highly recommend Dr Rani and her clinic. Five stars all the way!!!

Kellie Austin


"Significant improvement in overall health"

Rani is amazing!I first went to see Rani about severe anxiety and gut issues. She put me on a new lifestyle plan which included following an Ayurvedic diet and certain exercises as well as prescribing Ayurvedic herbs. Since following her plan, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health. The anxiety is much more managable and my gut is more balanced, highly recommended!Thanks Rani! 😃.



"Treated us like family"

We have wonderful 💞💞experience with Dr Rani. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is very friendly and welcoming as well as professional . She makes her clients feel comfortable and relaxed by listening to them. As a client she has always treated us like family. She is real 💎jewel. Very contented with her service. Highly recommended.

Parveen Nehra


"Sense of calm within myself"

The Ayurvedic centre is an excellent service for holistic heath and has helped me reduce stress, sleep better and has given me a sense of calm within myself. It has given me strategy’s to over come stress and live my life with a sense of peace. Thank you Dr. Rani you truly have passion and understanding in meeting the needs of your clients.

Jodie Bowen


"feeling much healthier"

Wonderful experience of feeling much healthier in just 4 weeks, with lifestyle changes, ayurveda wise diet plan along with medications from Ayurvedian. Dr. Rani helped me listened thoroughly at first consultation and her suggestions to manage my allergy induced sinus and asthma has worked miracles. After 5 weeks I can happily say I have no episode of hay fever, sinus and allergies as I used to.🙏👌😃.

Savvy Thapar


"Words cannot adequately explain the experience"

I am speechless in the deep comfortable feeling of joy and absolute pleasure from the Panchakarma experience. A deeply reassuring and healing recalibration of your natural beauty, skin, whole body, mind and soul, feeding the spirit, and rejuvinating your very essence. A gentle process to be understood and handled by you first time with the utmost respect and reverence, as the body calms from the inside out.This detox process is also a complete beauty therapy, by altering the diet, moisturising the skin and hair, hydrating the body and gently sweating the clarifying the skin, your whole body just simply glows...and people notice...and comment! Words cannot adequately explain the complete overhaul of the bodys health that this Panchakarma experience and process enables. A complete body and mind health care, and a natural, peaceful, very comforting experience at the Mill Park Ayervedian, respecting and guiding you through your own individual journey, step by step.A meditative experience.I highly recommend.


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