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Dr Rani samant 

Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine

Dear Wellness Explorer,

I am deeply honored that you have chosen to embark on this journey with us at the Authentic Ayurveda Wellness Retreat.

Your decision to join our community is not just a step towards rejuvenation and wellness; it is a leap towards transformative self-care and holistic well-being.

Congratulations on taking this significant step! It's a brave and commendable decision to invest in your health and happiness.

I want to assure you that you are in nurturing hands. Our retreat is designed to provide a supportive, enlightening experience that caters to your individual wellness needs.

I am delighted to welcome you into our circle of wellness seekers and enthusiasts. My team and I are dedicated to providing you with a nurturing and transformative experience that you will carry with you long after the retreat ends.

Again, thank you for choosing to walk this path with us. We are looking forward to meeting you and are excited to be a part of your wellness story.

Warm regards,

Dr. Rani Samant

Wellness success stories


"Will come back again and again."

Dr. Rani is one of the greatest Ayurvedic consultants I've ever been a client for. Her recommendations have well and truly helped me with issues regarding my digestion, which was also having an effect on other areas in my life without me even realising. Plus, her very skilled team of therapists (I've had sessions with the lovely Shinto and Sarvi) helped create a very soothing and, overall, pleasant experience every time I go. I'm looking forward to coming back here again and again and again and again and again.

Max Gettler


"Infinite Compassion & Integrity"

I am writing this review as both a work colleague and patient of Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr Rani Samant. Dr Rani is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her passion for Ayurvedic medicine and the Ayurvedic lifestyle is evident and inspires confidence in her patients. She has infinite compassion and integrity. Dr Rani has given me simple and effective strategies for maintaining my health and easing my stress. I would highly recommend Dr Rani and her clinic. Five stars all the way!!!

Kellie Austin


"Significant improvement in overall health"

Rani is amazing!I first went to see Rani about severe anxiety and gut issues. She put me on a new lifestyle plan which included following an Ayurvedic diet and certain exercises as well as prescribing Ayurvedic herbs. Since following her plan, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health. The anxiety is much more managable and my gut is more balanced, highly recommended!Thanks Rani! 😃.



"Treated us like family"

We have wonderful 💞💞experience with Dr Rani. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is very friendly and welcoming as well as professional . She makes her clients feel comfortable and relaxed by listening to them. As a client she has always treated us like family. She is real 💎jewel. Very contented with her service. Highly recommended.

Parveen Nehra


"Sense of calm within myself"

The Ayurvedic centre is an excellent service for holistic heath and has helped me reduce stress, sleep better and has given me a sense of calm within myself. It has given me strategy’s to over come stress and live my life with a sense of peace. Thank you Dr. Rani you truly have passion and understanding in meeting the needs of your clients.

Jodie Bowen


"feeling much healthier"

Wonderful experience of feeling much healthier in just 4 weeks, with lifestyle changes, ayurveda wise diet plan along with medications from Ayurvedian. Dr. Rani helped me listened thoroughly at first consultation and her suggestions to manage my allergy induced sinus and asthma has worked miracles. After 5 weeks I can happily say I have no episode of hay fever, sinus and allergies as I used to.🙏👌😃.

Savvy Thapar


"Words cannot adequately explain the experience"

I am speechless in the deep comfortable feeling of joy and absolute pleasure from the Panchakarma experience. A deeply reassuring and healing recalibration of your natural beauty, skin, whole body, mind and soul, feeding the spirit, and rejuvinating your very essence. A gentle process to be understood and handled by you first time with the utmost respect and reverence, as the body calms from the inside out.This detox process is also a complete beauty therapy, by altering the diet, moisturising the skin and hair, hydrating the body and gently sweating the clarifying the skin, your whole body just simply glows...and people notice...and comment! Words cannot adequately explain the complete overhaul of the bodys health that this Panchakarma experience and process enables. A complete body and mind health care, and a natural, peaceful, very comforting experience at the Mill Park Ayervedian, respecting and guiding you through your own individual journey, step by step.A meditative experience.I highly recommend.