Drink Water. Yes – Just Clear, Simple Water.

Drink Water. Yes – Just Clear, Simple Water.

Water is, without a doubt, our single most essential life source. Your body can survive without food for weeks, but barely a few days without water. Studies show that even mild dehydration can negatively affect your mood, slow down cognitive functions and decrease physical performance.


All dieticians and health experts around the world unanimously emphasise the importance of drinking lots of water every day. So, let’s look at the myriad benefits of consuming this vital life affirming liquid and explore some tips that will help ease you into this excellent habit better.

a) Drink Water – How It Can Enhance Your Life

1. It’s a Great Way to Lose Weight

The more water you drink the fuller your stomach feels. This has a naturally reductive effect on your appetite and you crave for food less. It is also the best way to practice the “eat only when you are truly hungry” philosophy as you can just have a glass of water when you feel the need for a snack instead.

2. It Makes Your Brain Sharper

About 70% of your brain is water. Studies show that drinking water has an immediate impact on your cognitive processes. The synaptic connections between neurons sharpen and the flow of information in your brain quickens. A well hydrated body makes a smooth and fluid mind.

3. It Makes You Light & Energetic

Drinking the right amount of water is an integral part of any athlete’s regime. If you fight dehydration well throughout the day, you’ll discover that your body movements are smoother, your mood is better and you have more energy in general to easily tackle everyday tasks.

4. It’s Your Body’s Natural Detox

Your body gets rid of toxic waste through sweat and excretions. Increasing water consumption fastens this organic detoxifying process, which directly contributes to better health of your organs, quickens cell regeneration and increases life expectancy.

5. Enhances Digestion

Water rich foods and liquids are a must for good health. They help break down food better so your body can absorb nutrients easier. They also soften your stool so that you avoid constipation and have smoother bowel movements.

6. Keeps Away Painful Diseases

Drinking appropriate quantities of water ensures that you don’t suffer from painful diseases like urinary tract infection and kidney stones. It also helps patients with diarrhea by avoiding dehydration, reduces symptoms of fever, and decreases discomfort due to respiratory infections and heartburn.

b) Drink Water – But How Much In A Day?

While there is much debate and several opinions on what is the most appropriate amount, the most widely recommended quantity by health authorities is based on the “8 x 8 rule” – which translates to eight 8-ounce glasses of water, which equals about 2 litres every day.

Some health gurus on the other hand advise sipping on water constantly throughout the day, whether you feel thirsty or not.

While there is plenty of research to back both claims, we find the 8 x 8 rule more effective. It is easier to remember to drink a glass of water in one go eight times a day than to constantly remind yourself to sip on some the entire time.

c) Drink Water – Why Is It So Hard To Remember?

When it comes to incorporating the 8 x 8 habit successfully in your routine, it can be easier said than done. It can be particularly difficult to remember to drink a consistent amount of water especially for the less conscientious and mindful of us.

Taking the aid of digital app reminders or physical sticky notes is a good practice, but for some people it can become a source of anxiety. If these alerts are more tyrannical than helpful then it might defeat the purpose of having a better functioning mind in the first place.

Then for some of us it is just a matter of mood or convenience. You might be someone who just doesn’t like to drink until they feel really thirsty, or dislike the feeling of bloatedness that might come with drinking a glass in one go. Or maybe your work requires you to be constantly on the go, restricting constant access to a filled bottle of water always within reach.

Or maybe you are just plain old lazy or forgetful, like the most of us. Whatever might be your reason, we understand that blending this habit in your daily routine can be a challenge.

But we also understand how life enhancing this simple habit can be for you. Which is why we have a few tips that might help you incorporate the 8 x 8 rule into your life easier.

d) Drink Water – Tips & Trick to Drink Better

1. Always Have Water Within Reach

Always keep a filled water bottle near places where you spend the most time at, like beside your bed, at your kitchen counter and at your work desk. You can also carry a portable bottle of water in your carry-bag at all times.

2. Fill ‘Em Up in One Go

One easy way to measure and maintain your daily intake is to have 4 of 500ml bottles and fill them all up first thing in the morning. Your goal is then simply to finish the bottles by the end of the day.

3. Start Strong

Kickstart your day by finishing a 500ml bottle first thing after waking up. Not only is this a great practice that makes achieving your daily goal easier, but also it is highly recommended by health experts as it significantly enhances your brain functions.

It also gives you a great start to the day when after sometime (say about one to two hours) you feel the urge to use the washroom. Reward yourself and reward your body by relieving itself of toxins first thing in the morning.

4. Chug It in One Go

If you feel up for it, you can also consider finishing your second bottle of water immediately after your trip to the loo. You can finish all your bottles of the day this way too. It makes it much easier to implement the 8 x 8 rule too, while giving you the benefits of reduced appetite and weight loss as well.

5. Remember, Remember

Each time you go to the toilet for a wee, your body is thanking you for looking after itself, freeing it of toxic waste.

Each time you drink a full bottle of water, both your body and mind are thanking you for supporting their function.